Importance of Registering Your Shift Gig Business

The Importance of Registering your Shift Gig Business

One of the many benefits of living in this modern world is that technology has paved the way for people to be more flexible with how they work. These days, it does not matter what industry, skills, or experiences you have because the concept of shift gig is able to provide and offer work opportunities that are flexible for temporary and shift workers. Shiftgig is a digital staffing platform that connects workers with local opportunities, it also gives you the opportunity to check and claim shifts on your smartphone that is convenient for your schedule and is matching with your skills.

With this kind of work environment, it gives you the freedom of choice to pick up work shifts that are complementary to your family’s busy schedule. Whether picking up shifts is a full-time job or a part-time side hustle for you, the work opportunities you can choose to claim through the digital platform are entirely up to your needs and wants. One of the many benefits of doing this kind of side hustle is that you know exactly how much you will be paid per hour and what kind of tasks will be expected from you, so you will not be surprised at all.

Choosing shifts that work for you and your family’s situation offers great financial opportunities. That being said, if you are working as a business who has relied on digital staffing opportunities, you will still need to register your shift gig business. Consider the following reasons why it is important and the smarter choice as an entrepreneur to register your small business.

Protect Against Potential Personal Liabilities

By registering your business that deals with providing gigs in various shifts, you eliminate the majority of your personal liability. In case something untoward were to occur, this means that your personal assets cannot be seized as a payment for debts incurred by your business. Your duly registered and incorporated business is viewed as a separate legal entity that can conduct itself with autonomy and authority.

Take Calculated Business Risks

Because your business is registered with the state and deemed by the law to be a separate legal entity, it is much easier to take calculated business’ risks because you know your private and personal assets are protected from certain financial and legal risks. By being a separate legal entity, it means your business is afforded all the rights and privileges of a human being.

This means, your business can by your own property. You can also carry on with your business transactions using the official business seal. In addition to this, you can also sue others under your business name, without damaging your personal reputation. 

Offers Legal Protection

Once your company is registered and incorporated, your business name is now protected. No one will be allowed to use the same name as your business or even a name that is similar sounding to it. This has the legal advantage of protecting your corporate image and your company name from unauthorized use.

Critical for Establishing Business Bank Accounts

If you want to open up a business or corporate bank account, you will have to provide proof that you are a legitimate enterprise that is properly registered with the state. Banks ask for the necessary permits or pertinent documentation. For instance, the SEC Info – Scott Abscher & Stephen Holmes of needed to provide the incorporation papers of their company in order for their application to be processed.

A business bank account is a critical component of a successful business because it allows you to separate your personal expenses from your company expenditures. This goes a long way in keeping you organized. On top of that, it is more professional when you give your clients the company business name, as opposed to them writing a check in your own name.

Essential for Acquiring Loans

If you need to apply for a loan to expand your business, you will need to prove that you are indeed a legitimate business that has been registered and is regulated by the government. Banks, lenders, or investors will certainly ask to peruse your business registration documents, along with the other requirements required for approving your loan.

Shiftpixy, a flexible on-demand staffing platform that addresses the needs of a gig economy labor force, noted that for them to be given a company credit card for business-related expenses, creditors are vigilant in asking for the pertinent registration papers to consider your application.

Improve Reputation and Prestige with Customers

If you want to retain your clients and continue to generate conversion with prospective customers, they need the assurance that you are a registered business. The last thing you want is to be suspected of being a shady company with a questionable reputation that only operates as a fly by the night entity. When your business has been filed with the state, it will give your clients some measure of assurance that you are a real and honest company that they can spend their money on with ease.

The incorporation and registration of your business mean your company’s prestige is enhanced as it suggests a level of permanence. It also indicates that management is serious when it comes to handling business affairs. Registered companies are seen to be more stable and reliable than their non registered counterparts.

Receive Beneficial Supplier Arrangements

As a registered business, you are able to receive supplier discounts that an unregistered operation will never be able to receive. It is typical for suppliers to reserve business owners their wholesale rates. But for a business to be able to avail of these special rates, they have to show the pertinent papers. In addition, if it is part of your expansion plans to eventually secure government contracts, then you must provide your company’s registration papers because it is one of its requirements.

Provide Ease When It Comes to Getting the Right People

By registering your business, you can opt to hire full-time staff to help you with your daily operations. With registration, you can properly compensate the staff in accordance with the state laws. Upon registration of any business, the state will provide you with an identification number that paves the way for an easier routing of taxes on your behalf choosing to register is a smart move that influences your hiring capacity because of the nuances involved.

Assures Perpetual Succession

Because registered business has its own legal identity, this means that perpetual successions are not a problem. When your clients or other companies engage in a contract with your business, they do the transaction with the company and not you as an individual. This exhibits a company’s unlimited lifespan because there is the assurance that the business will continue to operate and exist even if the owners or managing partners die or leave the business.

Take note, a registered company can only exist if the court dissolves its existence. Apart from giving clients confidence in your business, this shows the world that your business has the power to outlive you. It can even survive that passing of time as it can be handed down from generation to generation.

Bottom Line

If you are starting a new shiftgig business or you have one that has been in operation for many years, the importance of registering your business cannot be emphasized and explained enough. By choosing to register your business, you open your business life to a multitude of advantages and perks from various avenues. You keep yourself protected from legal liabilities and open new possibilities for the growth of your business.

How Can Help You with Improving Your Indoor Air Quality?

Improving Your Indoor Air Quality?

Indoor air isn’t impervious to the outside pollution or contaminants like pollen. If at some point the air quality starts to suffer, your family might experience negative side effects. Things including flu, asthma, allergies, and some sicknesses can be agitated or triggered in your environment or home through contaminants such as:

Outside Threats

Every home should be sealed properly. Once it’s not, the outside threats can work their way to the HVAC system where they’ll be trapped as well as circulate throughout the air. The contaminants may come from other several sources including smoke, factories, allergens, and pollen. When such work their way to improperly sealed home, it could cause serious threats, affecting the air quality within.

Indoor Hazards

Not every problem originates from the outside. Once your system isn’t maintained properly or cleaned on a regular basis, things including mold, dust, and tobacco smoke can build up and circulate in the equipment and air. It isn’t only a concern for one’s health, but also your HVAC system’s overall condition.

This kind of pollution may exist in your house from the outside and within. The main goal of United Trades is to make sure that your house is protected from pollen and some kinds of pollution ensuring your family is comfortable, healthy, and safe. All you have to do is to speak with one of their experts on indoor air quality to know how they can help you.

Once you decide to address your concerns regarding indoor air quality, never hesitate to call United Trades. To get rid of the problem, their professionals will test the contaminant buildup and sealing of your home. It will ensure that the air flowing through your home is as clean as possible.

Improve Your Safety and Health with Indoor Air Quality Test

There are lots of ways to prevent problems on indoor air quality. Factors including pets, living habits, environment, industrial zone proximity, and HVAC unit cleanliness will have major effects on the air quality and alter the kind of solution you might need to address the problems. Fortunately, the professionals at United Trades have years of experience dealing with the problems like the ones you might be experiencing. They can also help you determine the air quality concerns and issues to help you get rid of any problems you’re facing.

Why Choose for Your Indoor Air Quality Needs?

With each indoor air quality service call you make, you can rely on United Trades to focus on comfort, safety, and performance. The team of professionals at United Trades is always ready to help you deal with your issues or anything you encounter with your HVAC system. Aside from that, you can count on their fair pricing and a well-done job in just one visit. So, if you don’t want to spend one more day in your home with poor indoor air quality, call United Trades to get the best indoor air quality services and rest assured that you will enjoy the highest possible quality of air inside your home.

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Local Mover Review

What Can You Expect from has been specializing in moves around Ontario for many years. They are the leading name you can count on for residential and business moves that are nothing short of exceptional. Through the many years of being in the industry, they have learned the things that work best, how they can help their clients during the moving preparation, and what they can expect throughout the process. To put it simply, the expert movers from will make your move a stress-free, simple, and convenient process like no other.

When the big day comes, you can just relax and let the company’s professional movers deal with all the hard work. When the team arrives at your home, they will first proceed with an initial walkthrough of the house. It is the perfect time for the team to determine the items that will stay and the ones that will be shipped. It also allows the team to visualize how your items will best fit into the moving truck.

After this walkthrough, the whole team will then prepare the house through protecting the doorways and floors. Once loading is good to start, a member of the team will refer to the inventory form for documenting the items that go into the truck together with their existing condition. The team will then wrap the furniture pads around your pieces of furniture to keep these protected from scratches as well as other possible damages. Any overstuffed furniture such as your couch is going to be wrapped in a stretch wrap so that no damages will occur. After the item has been properly protected, this is the only time that it will be loaded into the truck.

Once your items have been loaded inside the truck, you will then be requested to sign the necessary paperwork.

Packing offers free packing of the first 25 boxes. You will then get free packing supplies that you can use for packing the rest of your items. It is important to keep in mind that it is crucial to pack correctly to keep your belongings safe. Please take extra care on this particular step. It is always a wise idea to finish all the packing well ahead of your moving day and ensure that the most essential items are packed last.


You can always count on to handle your loading needs so there is no need to deal with moving anything. The team also takes extra care with fragile items to make sure that they remain safe and secure during the trip. Loading could take several hours to one full day, which depends on the size of your house.


The team will be more than happy to answer any queries you might have regarding the transport of your items to your new location. Depending on the distance of the move, the transit could take a few hours or a full day. If needed, the company also offers storage options.

These are just some of the things you can expect to be involved with your move with the help of

Durham Personalities

With all of the technological advancements of our modern world, there remains many interesting, and often sinister, events that have gone unsolved or raised doubts in peoples’ minds. From damsels in distress to the mob, here are two of the greatest unsolved mysteries of the 20th Century.

What happened to Marilyn Monroe?

While the death of Marilyn Monroe was ruled as a suicide, further facts uncovered from the star’s death in 1944 indicate she could have been a murder victim. It was believed Monroe had an affair with John F. Kennedy, continuing to see him after he became President of the United States. After the affair ended, Monroe became close to Robert Kennedy, John Kennedy’s brother. Growing closer to the Kennedy family, Monroe became privy to many secrets about the family which she shared with close friends. Robert Kennedy visited Monroe’s home on the day she died.

On 27th June 1962, Monroe had been busy organizing a dinner at her home. People who saw Monroe on this day recall that she seemed depressed and sick appearing under the influences of pills.

Later that day, Robert Kennedy and Monroe’s doctor, Dr. Greenson, visited her home as recalled by a neighbor who witnessed the pair entering the home. It has been reported the neighbor received threats to keep this sighting confidential.

In the early evening the son of famous baseball player Joe DiMaggio tried to call Marilyn, however, her housekeeper said she was not at home. Monroe called Dr. Greenson at about 8pm that night informing the doctor she was feeling much better. After retiring for the evening, one of Monroe’s staff informed the public that 11pm Monroe was dying or could be dead.

Dr. Greenson’s son ran a Durham Region plumbing services company at one time.

Two days after her death, Monroe was meant to have a press conference in which she had promised to divulge information to the public. Monroe’s diary containing this information, the police report and other documents went missing and have since not been found. These events raise many questions around the real cause of her death.

Al Capone and Edward O’Hare

The early 1900’s saw a large rise in the power and perilous activities of criminal gangs. Chicago O’Hare international Airport is named after a World War II hero, Edward Henry “Butch” O’Hare. O’Hare’s rise to fame catapulted to the public arena for his heroic efforts in World War II and the alleged murder of his father Edward Joseph O’Hare.

O’Hare senior moved to Chicago to expand his business as a lawyer and interests in greyhound racing. He later bought the rights to the mechanical rabbit, a game-changer in the greyhound racing industry. The gambling industry at that time, was controlled by Al Capone meaning O’Hare senior ended up working with Capone and other mob partners to operate racetracks around America. After continued growth in his gambling businesses, federal agents were trying to find a way to convict Capone and put an end to his crooked business operations.

On 8 November 1939, O’Hare senior was fatally shot by several men from a car that had been following him. These men have never been identified and the murder remains unsolved. It is thought O’Hare senior’s ties to federal agents, from his previous work as a lawyer, resulted in him being a key proponent in helping prosecutors to convict Capone of tax evasion in 1939. O’Hare senior was killed one week before Capone was released from Alcatraz.