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What Can You Expect from Hillsmovinginc.ca 

Hillsmoving.ca has been specializing in moves around Ontario for many years. They are the leading name you can count on for residential and business moves that are nothing short of exceptional. Through the many years of being in the industry, they have learned the things that work best, how they can help their clients during the moving preparation, and what they can expect throughout the process. To put it simply, the expert movers from Hillsmoving.ca will make your move a stress-free, simple, and convenient process like no other.

When the big day comes, you can just relax and let the company’s professional movers deal with all the hard work. When the team arrives at your home, they will first proceed with an initial walkthrough of the house. It is the perfect time for the team to determine the items that will stay and the ones that will be shipped. It also allows the team to visualize how your items will best fit into the moving truck.

After this walkthrough, the whole team will then prepare the house through protecting the doorways and floors. Once loading is good to start, a member of the team will refer to the inventory form for documenting the items that go into the truck together with their existing condition. The team will then wrap the furniture pads around your pieces of furniture to keep these protected from scratches as well as other possible damages. Any overstuffed furniture such as your couch is going to be wrapped in a stretch wrap so that no damages will occur. After the item has been properly protected, this is the only time that it will be loaded into the truck.

Once your items have been loaded inside the truck, you will then be requested to sign the necessary paperwork.


Hillsmoving.ca offers free packing of the first 25 boxes. You will then get free packing supplies that you can use for packing the rest of your items. It is important to keep in mind that it is crucial to pack correctly to keep your belongings safe. Please take extra care on this particular step. It is always a wise idea to finish all the packing well ahead of your moving day and ensure that the most essential items are packed last.


You can always count on Hillsmoving.ca to handle your loading needs so there is no need to deal with moving anything. The team also takes extra care with fragile items to make sure that they remain safe and secure during the trip. Loading could take several hours to one full day, which depends on the size of your house.


The team will be more than happy to answer any queries you might have regarding the transport of your items to your new location. Depending on the distance of the move, the transit could take a few hours or a full day. If needed, the company also offers storage options.

These are just some of the things you can expect to be involved with your move with the help of Hillsmoving.ca.

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